Transport & Protection

Transport & Protection

This accessory increases the safety of your vehicle. The dashcam is your electronic witness in the event of an accident or conflict with other road users. With the selection of marten protection accessories you can protect your vehicle against damage effectively by small animals.
Premium Marten Defence

Premium Marten Defence

Waterproof combination device with 6 multi contact high voltage brushes.

  • Gives electric shocks to the marten when it touches one of the six high voltage brushes in the engine compartment (these are electric shocks that scare away the marten but do not kill it). A charge is sent through the animal's fur by means of innovative multi contact brushes that can be set up in any kind of environment.
  • In addition, the control device emits very strong, aggressively pulsating ultrasonic sound in a 360° radius. This sound randomly varies in frequency and rhythm (so the marten cannot become accustomed to it).
  • As it is watertight, it can be tted deep down where the marten gains entry. The innovative voltage circuit automatically operates the device as soon as the engine is switched off.
Catalog Number 00 00 000
Part Number 39201673