Parking Heater

Parking Heater

Stay prepared with an Opel parking heater to ensure that you are ready for the worst that mother nature has to offer.
Corsa D 3-dr
Opel Corsa D 3-dr
Parking Heater Installation Kit - Diesel

Parking Heater Installation Kit - Diesel

Installation kit to be used together with the separate fuel-fired heater kit for diesel engined cars.

  • No ice scraping needed - clear visibility from the start of driving
  • Environmentally friendly effective solution - no need to run your engine to pre-warm the cabin
  • Must be installed together with separate Heater Kit by a qualified technician. Check suitability for your car with your Opel dealer.

Parking Heater Installation Kit for diesel-engined cars (1.3 & 1.7L)

Not available for right-hand drive vehicles

Catalog Number 17 34 267
Part Number 93199528