Towing Hitch

Towing Hitch

Whatever your towing requirements are, we have a high-quality solution for your Opel. You don't even have to alter the look of your vehicle. Our range of detachable and fixed towing hitches is specially designed for your Opel.
Corsa D 3-dr
Opel Corsa D 3-dr
Towing Hitch Removable

Towing Hitch Removable

Especially designed for the Opel Corsa with removable hook.

  • Made of high quality steel
  • Easy to install
  • Max. towing load 1,300 kg
  • Max. static vertical load 55 kg
  • Available for all engine variances
  • Validated to Opel/GM quality and safety standards

Restriction: cannot be used in combination with the FlexFix® rear end carrier.

Note: towing electrics have to be ordered separately.

Catalog Number 67 36 123
Part Number 93199355