Ski/Snowboard Carrier

Ski/Snowboard Carrier

An excellent selection of highly flexible and functional ski and snowboard carriers that meet even the highest demands.
Corsa F
Opel Corsa F
Thule Ski/Snowboard Carrier "Snow Pack 7326" (6 pair)

Thule Ski/Snowboard Carrier "Snow Pack 7326" (6 pair)

  • Elegant and aerodynamic ski carrier, designed for all types of skis and snowboards
  • Keeps skis and snowboards in place using an ultra-flexible rubber arm which holds tight without scratching surfaces
  • Safely transports modern skis and snowboards. The ski carrier can be lowered when not in use via an integrated vertical spring system
  • Easy to open and close even when wearing gloves, thanks to its large push button
  • Increased space compared to ski racks with high fixings, thanks to the extending feet which allow the bar to be elevated
  • Fits directly in the T-slots of the roof bars via a fitting system without the need for tools (available accessory: fitting kit for square bars)
Catalog Number 00 00 000
Part Number 1629426280