Passenger Compartment

Passenger Compartment

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Insignia B
Opel Insignia B
Mobile Phone Charging Station with Antenna Coupling

Mobile Phone Charging Station with Antenna Coupling

Charging station for mobile phones, to be installed in the glove box.

  • Charges the mobile phone while driving (phone-specific charging cords required to connect with USB A socket, usually delivered with phone)
  • Inductive antenna coupling with self-adhesive windscreen antenna to improve reception
  • Mobile phone can be used while charging via Bluetooth® connection to the factory-installed infotainment system
  • Accommodates devices of various sizes (max. H/W/D: 145 mm x 76 mm x 13 mm)

Note: the mobile phone’s charging socket must be placed at the narrow sides or at the ends of the long sides. The customer needs to be advised that the closed glove box cover must not get in contact with the mounted charging cord plug to avoid damaging the mobile phone’s charging socket.

Catalog Number 00 00 000
Part Number 39070164