Roof Base Carrier

Roof Base Carrier

The roof base carrier is the starting point for all your rooftop storage requirements. Designed and developed by Opel to fit your model perfectly. Our base carrier meets the same strict quality and safety standards as our vehicles. Consists of aerodynamically designed roof bars that allow the easy attachment of all roof boxes and other carrier systems.
Vivaro A
Opel Vivaro A
Steel Base Carrier

Steel Base Carrier

Creates storage on the van roof: adjustable transverse roof bars are a safe place to store and secure the most diverse range of goods for transport.

  • Maximum load per bar 50 kg
  • Maximum load per roof 200 kg including weight of all fitted bars
  • Weight of bar: 6 kg
  • Including air deflectors
  • Square bar profile
  • Delivered with lock

Note: Set consists of 1 bar. For SWB 2 bars, for LWB 3 bars.

Catalog Number 17 32 306
Part Number 09121802