Roof Rack Tray

Roof Rack Tray

Customize your Opel while enhancing your organization and hauling abilities. Perfect for all types of hauling needs, Opel's roof rack trays provide the extra transporting freedom that you are looking for.
Vivaro Combi
Opel Vivaro Combi
Alloy Roof Rack Tray - L2

Alloy Roof Rack Tray - L2

Essential for many craftsmen: a robust roof rack tray turns the roof into another transport surface for bulky items such as ladders, pipes, and boards, and makes it easier to secure these bulky and awkward loads to the roof.

  • Load roller for easy charging
  • Dimensions tailored to L2 vehicles
  • Material: Aluminum
Catalog Number 00 00 000
Part Number 1612587980