Snow Chains

Snow Chains

Be prepared. If you are planning on driving on any Alpine roads in winter, it is compulsory to carry a set of snow chains and other emergency products. Choose from a wide range of easy-to-mount chains that can be mounted at a standstill.
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König Snow Chains "Premium K-Summit", chain size K44

König Snow Chains "Premium K-Summit", chain size K44

The smartest chain for vehicles with limited space around the wheel

• 0mm clearance behind the wheel

• Self-tensioning system: just one stop to fit the chain

• Fitted on the original nut/bolt of the wheel without contact to alloy wheels.

• Easy installation due to unique color-coded assembling points

• Quick release and foldable arms for easy storage in nylon bag.

• Tyre sizes 215/60 R 217 and 225/55 R 17 (chain size K44)

Please note: Please refer to the vehicle documents for restrictions and information. Snow chains should only be used temporarily on winter tyres.

Catalog Number 00 00 000
Part Number 1623160680